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Upgrade for cellar cooling systems in Dumfries

Would you like to upgrade the cellar cooling system in your pub? To achieve the maximum yield, along with the best quality of drink, it is important that your cellar is kept at the optimum temperature. County Refrigeration Ltd installs and repairs cooling systems for cellars in the Dumfries area, and can help to ensure that your cooling system is working as effectively as it needs to be.

Commercial and industrial refrigeration

Commercial and industrial refrigeration

- Cellar cooling
- Cooling systems
- Freezer rooms & walk in fridges
- Commercial refrigeration
- Industrial refrigeration
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Reliable commercial and industrial freezer rooms and walk in fridges

As well as cooling systems, County refrigeration Ltd supplies and installs a wide range of other industrial and commercial refrigeration units throughout Dumfries. For example, if you are looking for commercial and industrial freezer rooms and walk in fridges then let us know. Our specialists will provide all the advice and guidance to help ensure that you have the perfect design to suit your business' needs.
commercial and industrial freezer rooms
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